Professional Garden Designers

Garden Designs

Family Friendly

in Warwickshire & Worcestershire
As professional garden designers we can create any style of garden you want – whether you want a coastal theme, a Japanese styled space, or a traditional cottage garden. A few of the more popular ones are listed below.
Kids love playing outside and it’s important they can play safely and happily in their own area. We can design child-friendly areas with non-toxic plants, space for play equipment and provision for shade. We can build in mini wildlife gardens and kids’ planting areas too if required.

It’s important that other members of the family don’t get overlooked so we’ll make sure that the needs of the whole family are considered when designing the perfect family garden.

Wildlife Gardens

in Stratford-upon-Avon & the Cotswolds

For those who dream of a cottage style garden with a natural and informal style, we can design and create this, turning your vision into a reality.

We’ll work with you to design exactly the sort of garden that you want, and can include features such as long grassy areas, climbing plants and a natural pond, to create a rich diversity of bird, insect and plant life.

We recommend including a wide variety of plants, all native species, to create a colourful, natural and beautifully relaxing wildlife garden.


Outdoor Living

in Evesham & Worcestershire
Eating in the garden can happen much more than you thought possible, with the right type of shelter and heating, and can extend your living space.
For a stylish way of maximising your eating, relaxing and entertaining space, let us design your perfect garden. We can include pizza ovens, fire pits with surrounding seating, green walls for privacy, pergolas or gazebos for shelter.

If you have children or pets, we will take into account their needs too, and can make sure lighting along pathways, fences or trees is considered as part of the overall design. Whether you want to eat in the sun, or prefer the shade, we will ensure any structures are built in the right place to deliver the perfect al fresco dining experience you are looking for.

Sensory Garden

in Stratford-on-Avon & Warwickshire
We have designed many sensory gardens for schools and have the skills, knowledge and experience to create gardens that meet the needs of all their visitors.

Sensory gardens are all about stimulating the senses – sight, sound, smell and hearing. They need to be interesting, varied, feature light and shade, a range of materials and colours, different textures and creative shapes and elements.
They’re designed to encourage children to interact and explore and so plants have to be sturdy and non-toxic, shelter from sun and rain needs to be provided, as do comfortable rest areas.

These gardens have to be designed to a scale that is suitable for children, both mobile and disabled, with easy access both through the garden and to individual elements to enable them to reach out and interact easily and safely.

Garden Features

in the Cotswolds & Stratford-upon-Avon

A garden not only needs to look good - it needs to be practical too. Whatever your needs, we will listen carefully to your requirements and will design a solution that’s just right for you.

We’ll give careful consideration to the needs of any children or pets. We can build in eating areas, entertaining spaces and shaded areas. We can add privacy to your garden, make small gardens feel bigger, and provide discrete areas for playing, relaxing and entertaining.

The Process

When we design a garden, there are lots of features we can build in, including the following:
  • Ponds and water features, including pumps, filters and irrigation
  • Fences and stone or brick walls
  • Paths, patios and decking
  • Garden lighting
  • Block paving
  • Raised beds
  • Turf and artificial grass
  • Pergolas and gazebos

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